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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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a no-look from clark. watch this. down by two at the half. second half, arkansas is up by two. fortson, and the hop. 43-38. fortson had 12. nine minutes to play, arkansas up by three. clark has more threes than anybody nels the conference,
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meeting of top ten programs in morgantown. witn t sec k.
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>> whit: back at the break at the cellular south halftime report. kansas over texas tech. the big home op open for kansas. north carolina won 12 straight against georgia tech and lose by two. pittsburgh over louisville,
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82-77. robinson with 26. syracuse and west virginia. both in the top ten. first such meeting in morgan town in 50 years. andy rautins with the steal, pass to johnson for the bucket. syracuse up by 7. ten seconds left in the first half. four-point game. bryant with a triple. makes athone-point margin. second half, a one-point game. triche with a three, part of a 9-nothing syracuse run. he had 16. syracuse led 46-42. closing moments, one more opportunity. the three is good. 72-71. free-throws for the orange. that rattles out. one more opportunity. west virginia losing at home 72-71. when we come back, a look ahead to the second half as kentucky takes on auburn today in the late game on the sec network. more to come at the break.
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>> whit: carter blackburn and bob wenzel will rejoin us in a second as kentucky takes on auburn trying to remain unbeaten on the season.
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up 39-26 at the break.
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or just play some games at... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carter: welcome back to beard-eaves memorial coliseum. in auburn, alabama, where it's a 13-point lead for the second ranked kentucky, trying to make it 18-0 on the season. patrick patterson and the rest of the cats pretty spectacular. y >> bob: wall has the acceleration and the passing. patterson has the finishing. he's is leading scorer in the game with 12. darius miller has the block. and cousins gets involved in blocking shots as well. frankie sullivan hits a three. they've only made five. they need more of those.
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look on the left side under u.k., the third column down. 16 of 27 from the free-throw line. that's a big difference. and the field goal percentage 50-9. offensive efficiency on part of the cats. >> carter: bob told us the auburn had to knock down the threes to stay in the game with kentucky. they have only five made threes at the half. i'd presume down by 13 at the start of second half they have to double that. >> bob: they had ten against tennessee in the first half. maybe they can switch that number. >> carter: perhaps triple the need for threes. yao they started the game controlling the shot clock. good shot at the end of the shot clock. didn't work. kentucky maintained their defensive positioning. so we playing normal basketball, i'd say. a nice tip to get us started. >> carter: johnnie lett follows it up. kentucky led the game by as many as 19 points. patrick patterson leading all scorers with 12 points and
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five rebounds. on pace for double-double. bledsoe gets the feet set, knocks down the three. first made three of the game for eric bledsoe. >> bob: bledsoe and wall, the guys that have the great speed and deservingly so. each of them only took three shots in the first half. >> carter: dewayne reed took a lot of shots in the first half. 15 of them. he's now just 4 of 16 from the floor. gets his first look in the second half. he's fouled to start the second half. >> bob: here we go inside the play. right here. the pass to the wing. watch the double-team. he passes it out of the double-team. that's the trapped reaction. when you get trapped in the post, you get it to the weak side. and excellent execution by the wildcats there. >> carter: cousins off the dribble, creating for john wall. reversibly and it usually goes to the cats.
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wall couldn't bring it down. auburn is playing without kenny gabriel. we saw him coming out of halftime on crutches. has an angle injury. the tigers turn it over here. lucas hargrove. >> bob: and auburn decided not to use the shot clock in the second half and they're playing their standard basketball. sometimes when you take the air out of the ball it's a good thing to do as far as strategy. sometimes the players don't like it. it makes it difficult for them to get in their rhythm. >> carter: turnover by the itcas. pull-up three. reed has his first two shots of the second half go down. so five for reed in the early going. auburn back within striking distance of nine. [ applause ]
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bledsoe. silences the auburn fans. >> bob: for young player, they really make great responses to clutch situations and they've been doing it all year long. especially wall and bledsoe. wall beat uconn scoring 12 out of the last 15 points at the garden. of course, in a tough, tough game against florida, bledsoe was spectacular. >> carter: a season high 25 on tuesday. reed over to cousins. who recovers to get the block on lett. [ applause ] hargrove, kentucky basketball -- off of hargrove. kentucky basketball. >> bob: i'm surprised we're fronting here. everybody fouled him. he should get four free-throws on that one. auburn has to do something, carter. they haven't been able to stop kentucky. they've gotten whatever they want. they pounded it and they have
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taken guys off the dribble and now they get the three open. >> carter: hargrove off the miss from miller. this is reed pushing it again. off the screen. reed splits the defense and lays it in with the left hand. >> bob: now we can see why this guy is all-sec. in the first half, he couldn't make the team. but this half he has shown what he is really about. >> carter: second early points in the second half for dewayne reed for a game high 15 points. bledsoe misses. reed again. malone follows. we got a ballgame! time-out. [ cheering ] >> bob: you got to love seeing this. reed coming back as a leader, a senior. he says i'm going the play good against kentucky. let me make it to the hole.
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>> carter: the fans have been chanting war eagles all their lives. and it's dewayne reed trying to weave a comeback. >> bob: he is going to take it to the big guys off the glass with his left. but they're measuring this one. he could get 3 1/2 that was so deep. reed showed his enthusiasm. >> carter: the shooter just keeps shooting. three of 15 in the frustrating first half. in the second half, three of four seven points, is an in the game. auburn is back in it. >> bob: senior leadership, you have to love it. he was not shy in the first half. i think the fact they were holding the ball in the first half in kentucky didn't if it with his personality he feels
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better right now. >> carter: cousins on the wing. kentucky led the game by as many as 19 points in the first half. eight-point game right now. dodson, airball. auburn gets it back. with a chance to cut now into an eight-point lead. >> bob: think think john calipari likes to see the young players in the environment. they did a great job on tuesday against florida. see how they react now. >> carter: he told his team today every time we go on the road it's going the be somebody's super bowl. he expected this. knox banks it in. six-point game. cousins tow fouled by knox. it's now a ssix-point game.
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when we return, the broadcast team is about to get a whole lot better.
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>> we have a basketball game after all in beard-eaves memorial coliseum. six-point lead for kentucky on auburn. carter blackburn with bob bob wenzel and arab ashley judd. it told you we'd get better looking after the time-out. here to talk about the coaches hoops for haiti, by john calipari, fundraising tomorrow, a telethon. what is your involvement and how did you get involved in the effort that helps the people of haiti? >> i wasn't the least bit surprised when i started to get e-mails from everyone at the athletics depart letting me know that the coach organized a telethon to help you are jently with thedy saster with haiti. what my husband and i are providing as an insen t for people to donate to the red
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cross and unicef, dario made passes available to the irl race at kentucky, august 4, including a tour of the garage, conducted by him. and he's an indianapolis 500 winner and irl champ. get to see others involved. tries to figure out how to do it with an sei background check but we're offering dinner at our house as well, cook by a fend of ours as a chef. i said seriously a background check first. >> carter: for more information on hoops for haiti, log on to the basketball coaches are involved, rick barnes and jim boeheim. but ashley judd is participating and trying to raise funds for the earthquake stricken island nation of haiti. >> the basketball players are answering the phone. >> bob: you're getting a masters? >> yes, sir. >> bob: what were your sat? >> better than my college
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school. i haven't take an standard test in years. >> carter: your love for kentucky basketball is well known. and like a lot of kentucky fans, there is an enthusiasm this year for this basketball season. and in a few years. what is it like now to have the second ranked team be 17-0 again and have all the basketball world interested in kentucky and focussed on kentucky again? >> it's so great to be back. this is how we like to play basketball, be regarded. we enjoy the team and we think we deserve it. and it's a fabulous season for us. i have personally been enjoying it to the max. >> 19-point lead in this game in the first half and down to seven now. are you nervous on the road in auburn? >> it's a characteristic on the team. come out and build a nice lead
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but we have difficulty putting people away for good. i'm sure coach calipari is coaching his heart out and making at it teaching point. i'm pretty confident we'll come away with the win, but give the tigers credit. they came out of the half and went on what, a 6-point run. after the time-out they scored again. well were get our act together here i'm sure. >> carter: sounds like you've paid attention to what coach calipari has had to say. >> bob: future as analyst. if the public policy thing doesn't work out, off job with us. >> i sure do love the kentucky basketball. thank you for letting me be here. >> carter: absolutely. ashley, thank you for taking the time. good luck with the hoops for haiti effort tomorrow. >> appreciate it. >> carter: ashley judd, kentucky basketball fan, actress, and fundraiser for hoops for haiti. hargrove takes a pummel and finishes the shot but he looked like he banged his head, bob. >> bob: this is an officials' time-out to see he's not shake run up too much. and the fans will love this,
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as he pops up. off to the races? somebody challenges. and fortunately it goes in. no harm done right there. is he a star? i guess so. he has that star on his head. >> carter: adam is the guy to see in auburn if you want to see the star. adam is the guy who patterned that. >> bob: i think you need one. >> carter: we will be back here in a couple of weeks for the alabama game, maybe you can stop by to see adam and have that ready for the next game here from auburn on the sec network. >> i i'll -- i'll be ready. nice lady, huh? >> carter: absolutely. a great effort again coach cal. over a million twitter followers and says if every one of those gives a buck, they could raise $1 million for the people of haiti. >> bob: i tell you. strength after a young guy. the upper body strength by
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bledsoe. when in doubt, kentucky gets aggressive! pressure is back on. >> carter: wall runs it down from behind on reed. >> bob: right here. the jump-shot, stay on balance and hang in the air. educated play by tough guy. his partner in the back court will getting that steal. you watch wall on television. and then you see him in person up close. wall is faster than i thought. >> carter: wall, blocked by malone. the tigers bring it back. andre malone. creating for reed. second chance. hargrove blocked by wall.
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bledsoe for cousins. the cats have an answer for three. >> bob: when the action goes up and down the floor, that's when they are at their best. great hustle on the part of wall to get that for hargrove. >> carter: double-double for cousins. ten boards, ten rebounds. knox of over cousins. auburn answers. seven-point game. >> bob: knox was invisible in the first half. was star in several games this year. one in at the buzzer to beat uva. misses the rebound. >> carter: fouled by ramon harris.
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>> bob: push it. find your teammate. finish! that is some kind of basketball right here. behind the back from a different angle. cousins has got to be happy with bledsoe's passes. >> carter: they are athletic. >> bob: no doubt about that. and deep. >> carter: back in sweet home, alabama, a double-double for demarcus cousins. bledsoe had 13 points. but kentucky getting a test from an auburn team two is 0-2 in the sec coming i i iin. they lost here in south carolina and on the road to the vols. and cousins. his foul. his second. >> that is about seven blocked shots right now for cal's guys. not a bad deal. fouled on that one. going to the free-throw line. knox is 6'8", but he's got some nice moves, the geography of the lane is something he understands. i think they need to go to him
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a little bit more. >> carter: he had a career high 22 versus south carolina on saturday. >> bob: yeah. >> carter: only five points thursday at tennessee in the loss. on the sec network from auburn, alabama, at beard-eaves memorial coliseum. kentucky had a commanding 19-point first half lead. but auburn, the tigers have roared back in the second half. i'm carter blackburn with bob wenzel. unfortunately ashley judd no longer with us. five-point game. darius miller. >> bob: wow! you double inside. they make you pay. good pass by orton. >> carter: reed brings it back out. reed with only three made shots in the first half. now has a game high 15. reed splits the defense. creates. sullivan. [ cheering ]
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back to a five-point game. >> >> bob: give me something to cheer about! wow! [ cheering ] they're alive behind us! >> carter: orton loses it. sullivan on the baseline. starts the auburn run-out. hargrove. three-point game! time-out, kentucky! [ cheering ] >> carter: the kentucky fans made a lot of noise inside
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beard-eaves memorial coliseum in the first half. but now the tigers fans have something to cheer about. a comeback effort against second-ranked kentucky. >> bob: from the corner on the pass from reed. the little guys are doing it. and lebo is happy. >> carter: there was chatter as the wildcats went back to their bench, close to the auburn bench. >> bob: several weeks ago i was fortunate to be in the building announcing the game between north carolina number nine in the nation and the college of charleston. this one has a little kind of fight in it, because it's a conference game in the sec against the number two ranked team in the nation. auburn showing great fight right here. >> carter: auburn scored 24 in
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the first half. we'll get back to basketball when we return. >> bob: reed has ashley worried!
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>> carter: it's already been a day of thrillers on the hardwood. tennessee comes back to win bea ole miss in overtime. in auburn, 19-point lead for kentucky in the first half but auburn shooting red hot in the first 12 of the second half to make it a three-point game. >> bob: led by dewayne reed. they are on a 9-3 run. brendon knox is 2 for 2. and lucas hargrove is playing with passion.
5:36 pm
>> carter: auburn can tie with a three on this possession. >> bob: test time for the young guys in the blue. what do they do? go to standard man-to-man. slap at the basketball. don't overplay things. force the miss and get the rebound. >> carter: seven to shoot. reed gets it. five to shoot. >> bob: great "d" on part of the cats. >> carter: wall turns it over. won by auburn. turnover by john wall. sullivan pulls up the reins. >> bob: hands off the steering wheel on that one that time for wall. overpenetration. not needed. >> carter: auburn outscored by 13 in the first half. they have outscored kentucky by ten. the second half, it's 24-14. run out screen from knox.
5:37 pm
tried to free reid. one-point game. >> bob: 8 on the degree of difficulty scale! >> carter: wall finds miller for three. [ applause ] rebound, malone. auburn has a chance to take the lead for the first time today. >> bob: reed has no fear. how about the drive on the last possession. ten-second violation. mental mistake by reed. once the ball is inbounded, ten seconds to get it past half court. reed wasn't thinking. >> carter: wow! ten seconds with no pressure. >> bob: that will give you a headache. >> carter
5:38 pm
>> i will say this about jeff lebo's team. they came ready to play in the second half. reed guarding wall, gives it up to bledsoe. patterson. off the double. look. liggins. nails a three! off a fantastic look from patrick patterson. >> bob: they were practicing that this afternoon. right, carter? what to do when you get double-teamed? what is your reaction to the trap. that is the proper one. >> carter: poked away. >> bob: what happens ben you're double-teamed in the post? look weak side, find the open man and drain the three. the proper reaction to being trapped. here it is. the same play. he was triple-teamed. terrific play by patterson. nice pass. >> carter: this was the fourth
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foul on brendon knox, so the senior has four fouls. he will check out. so does andre malone. a critical point of the ballgame. they turn it over. wall with a chance to extend the lead to six. auburn can hang on for the next couple of minutes and have a chance down the stretch. >> bob: a lot of time left. nearly ten minutes. they fed off of that. kentucky has gotten more agressive with the defense. >> carter: and they finish. >> bob: the little guys are penetrating to the basket. cousins not taking up space, because his man is on the high post. nobody the close to the basket to help. >> carter: bledsoe walked. reed went for the steal and
5:40 pm
forced a travel on eric bledsoe. that is the 14th turnover today by kentucky. >> carter: waller, triple. one-point game! [ cheering ] >> bob: confidence. >> carter: bledsoe. cousins there for the rebound. demarcus cousins. in a crowd among four players. size is a big advantage. the auburn little guys is
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taking it to the basket. cousins is guarding his man away from the basket. >> carter: sullivan three. tied for the first time today! from 19 down in the first half, the auburn tigers have evened it at 60. [ cheers and applause ] >> carter: cousins recovers and find liggins. no-look pass from demarcus cousins to deandre liggins. >> bob: the double-teaming of auburn has led to easy shots for kentucky. but because kentucky's reacting well to the double. >> carter: hargrove. . loose ball.
5:42 pm
off auburn. kentucky basketball. >> bob: get the ball to the three-point line. knock it in from deep, tay waller. and frankie, the threes are raining for auburn!
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>> carter: undefeated second ranked kentucky had a 19-point lead against the auburn tigers in first half. but jeff lebo's team has outscored the wildcats by 11 in the second half to make this a two-point game. and they've done it with accurate three-point shooting. >> no doubt about that. they have nine made. sullivan from the corner. reed from outfront. he likes that angle better. they made nine threes in this game. they make eight per game on normal days. so it's been raining threes in the second half for the tigers. that's how the underdog wins
5:45 pm
games in college basketball. and you can see the difference in the first and second half. dramatic! >> carter: it was a reverse of what happened thursday night at tennessee when they went ice cold in the second half. that game was at tennessee. auburn made five field goals in the second half. tennessee erased a 19-point lead -- 12-point lead and won going away. here, down 19. shots falling in the second half. >> bob: great idea. jeff lebo should put the halves together all the time. he'd be in first place in the sec, huh? >> carter: wall, dribble drive. blocked by hargrove. tigers on the run. sullivan. tries to take bledsoe to the baseline. instead, working back out. new defender with liggins on dewayne reed. >> bob: he's fresh also. liggins is long. he can play off reed a little bit and still challenge the shot because of his length.
5:46 pm
>> carter: deep from stevenson. frankie sullivan off the switch. nine to shoot. hargrove down the baseline. offensive foul. patterson draws the charge. >> bob: patterson, blue collar worker, there when you need him. they moved his speed on smaller player. that is an experienced guy. >> carter: 14 fouls against auburn. >> bob: the turnovers for kentucky. they're over the average right now, with 6:46 to go. that is a sign of a good team. a guy is not necessarily going to have the same first and
5:47 pm
second half. but has to be continuous throughout until he epitomizes that. >> carter: they won twice this year when they turn it over. >> only one guard in the game right now. >> carter: calipari does not like the half court offense here. demarcus cousins will sub back in at the next chance. >> bob: he also has to have wall well-rested for the run. that's why he is on the bench. both will be coming back. >> carter: frankie sullivan to the wing.
5:48 pm
bledsoe gets a fortunate bounce to the hands of miller. back out to bledsoe. the alabama native playing in auburn, alabama. eric bledsoe gives it up to liggins. patterson. patrick patterson stripped. stevenson there to pick him up! >> bob: fortunate bounce for kentucky on that one. the defense was good. the hands were quick. the bounce went to the wildcats. >> carter: reed off the screen from lett. patterson was ready and gets the turnover. bledsoe. traveled. no basket. >> bob: last possession for kentucky. things were not looking good. fast hands swipes the ball. stevenson picks it up and the easy dunk. now a little out-of-control by the young freshman.
5:49 pm
not advisable. >> carter: knox checks back in the game for auburn with four. bledsoe gets a rest. wall, cousins subbing back if for perry stevenson. >> bob: keep in mind, wall in his short career has had a good history of playing well in the end game situation. >> carter: ask jim calhoun. >> bob: 12 of the last 15 against the huskies at the garden. >> carter: hargrove beat up by patrick patterson. shot clock under ten. hargrove has to kick it out. reed to hargrove. trouble on the catch. three to shoot. hargrove over patterson. what a tough shot agaishot! >> bob: they are making shots that you wouldn't normally think they would make! that was a really tough one. fading away to his left.
5:50 pm
>> carter: cousins backs his way in on knox who is out there with four personal fouls. >> bob: yes. and the body about half the size of cousins. cousins knows how to score close to the basket. he's their number one option posting up. patrick patterson. >> carter: missing it. blocked from behind by patterson me pattersonment hargrove there to get it. knox. foul on the floor. undefeated second ranked kentucky getting a test on the road at auburn. 3:38 to go. can kentucky make it 18-0, or will auburn upset?
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this sec network game is brought to you by --
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>> carter: the second ranked team in the nation, the kentucky wildcats are 17-0. the third best start in kentucky's long basketball history. first time they're 17-0 since 1966 when they went to the championship game and lost to texas western. now calipari as expected, he told his team this morning, every time we go on the road it will be our opponent's super bowl, their final four, their championship. we'll get everybody's best shot. they are getting auburn's best shot. 3:38 to go and a four-point game. >> bob: it's been terribly exciting and you have to admire auburn. they're a team coming into the game, people gave them no chance to win. then in the second half, they have been on fire shoot i shoot% in the second half of the game. that's phenomenal for jeff lebo's guys. >> carter: lebo called a 30-second time-out. they're worried about getting the ball inbounds.
5:54 pm
time-out auburn before a turnover allowing the tigers and the wildcats to confer on the bench. so bob wenzel, 3:38 to go in this game. it's kentucky by four. auburn down by four. what do you think jeff lebo is telling his guys in their huddle now? >> bob: on the defensive end, they've been trapping when the ball goes inside. they have to do that, because it will be a lay-up. after the trap, they have to get out quickly and challenge the three-point shots. kentucky is starting to make them. at the offensive end, spread the floor and keep nobody in the post. let sullivan and reed go to work off the dribble. >> carter: we talked about the three-point shooting for auburn in the second half. they have been knocking them down, where they weren't in the first. four for eight in the second half for the three. >> bob: it's an isolation thing. it's not running a play or continuity. they've just got to spread the floor. they've been effective taking the ball to the basket with the small players, because they're bringing the post player outside.
5:55 pm
that's a positive. >> carter: patterson guarding hargrove out here at 30 feet. >> bob: knox, if he could pull cousins away from the basket, there won't be shot-blocking either. a lot of switching. >> carter: reed throws it away. cousins on the switch. >> bob: reed would have been more advise to believe forget about passing once he had something. spread the floor. give them a little shake and get them to back up and shoot the three. >> carter: this game was tied at 60. the only time we've been tied. auburn has not led. kentucky led by 19 points in the first half. >> bob: this is where your set-plays come in. trying to find wall. cousins can. >> carter: tries to no-look again, gets it back and fouled by lucas hargrove.
5:56 pm
>> bob: this is one of the reasons kentucky is such a good team. they have balance offensively. not only inside and outside balance, but balance among players. right here, they go to cousins. patterson is in there, also taking up space. they can go inside when they need to get a play. and get a foul. >> carter: cousins gets the first. he started off very poor from the foul line this year, demarcus cousins did. but he's been knocking them down of late. five of nine today to bring the average up to 64%. he's getting both of the big foul shots. since the game was tied at 60, 8-2 run by kentucky. >> bob: he had 18 points and 18 rebounds against lewouiewio e louisville, the arch enemy of kentucky. he can play. >> carter: reed off of knox. cousins recovers. knox has to go around the big man. foul on demarcus cousins over the back. >> bob: i like knox's going into him right there. he tries to back cousins under the basket.
5:57 pm
so he could get a clean look. >> carter: third on demarcus cousins. each team has now committed five team fouls and that means each has a towel to give in the last 2:34. >> bob: kentucky not guarding the inbounder. looking sideways. >> carter: sullivan is right through. bledsoe and patterson for two. >> bob: bledsoe off the dribble. [ cheers and applause ] >> carter: wall with 15 to shoot. >> bob: last time they went inside, successfulsuccessfully. >> carter: knox and cousins. six to shoot. john wall does it again!
5:58 pm
get out of here! [ cheers and applause ] >> bob: you talk about body control! [ whistle ] went through two guys and then spun it off the board. ♪ ♪ >> carter: let's take a look now at our geico play of the game a moment ago. four orange jerseys had a chance. >> bob: he didn't get them get close enough to them. he splits the double and then splits another double down the lane. that is why he's considered one of the best guards in america. >> carter: as if there were four orange cones there, john wall dribbles right through them. >> bob: right now, kentucky wants to play contain defense and does not want to foul. if they get in foul trouble on the perimeter, they can foul without causing anybody to go to the free-throw line. for auburn, they have to get the shots up quickly with this
5:59 pm
amount of time left. in the problem for that guy is he doesn't have the athleticism to get after it on the offensive boards. frequently in situations like this, the shot goes up and it's a scramble for the ball. and you get it on the offensive glass. really don't have the size for that. brendon knox and hargrove, their two biggest guys, the medium-size players. >> it's been almostsen minutes since auburn hit a three. that was the high at 60. >> bob: that's because calipari has more strength on the floor, playing with only one guard. >> carter: knox. bumps. and brendon knox earns a trip to the free-throw line. >> bob: he has been an on-again/off-again player, knox. away at tennessee only two points and he played very well in the second half, despite his lack of


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